Exploring Canadian Culture Through Popular Hobbies

Discover popular hobbies in Canadian culture such as cooking, baking, reading, visual arts & performing arts. Learn about provinces & territories & official languages.

Exploring Canadian Culture Through Popular Hobbies

Cooking, baking and reading are the two most popular activities among Canadian consumers, according to our survey. Visual and performing arts also play an essential role in Canadians' leisure activities. Cinema, theater, music and the circus are all highly appreciated by Canadians, who regularly attend cultural shows and take great pride in their country's native cultural products. If you're looking for a fun way to teach your daughters about another country, Canada is a great choice.

You can focus an entire meeting on teaching girls about Canada, covering everything from the people of the country, the climate, the culture, the food and more. To make the meeting fun and educational, I have included some general information about the country and highlighted some games, activities, craft suggestions and other resources. Canada's impressive biodiversity is a source of great pleasure and pride for its citizens. Canadians value the health of their natural environments and recognize that social and economic well-being depends on their sustainability.

The “Cirque du Soleil” is a Canadian icon and a successful expression of that country's French-speaking culture. Not only this, but some hobbies are also social, meaning that you'll be able to meet a lot of new people and build a collection of friends where you live. The Canadian music scene stands out with exponents of high level and artistic quality such as the well-known and award-winning poet, novelist and singer from Montreal, Leonard Cohen (Prince of Asturias Award 201), and the acclaimed musician and composer, originally from Toronto, Neil Young, considered one of the most influential exponents of rock of his generation. Céline Dion is the great Canadian interpreter of ballads in English and French.

The comedy festival “Just for Laughs” or “Juste Pour Rire” is held in Toronto and Montreal every year. Canadians warmly welcome both the festivals and the many others that are organized frequently during the lively Canadian summer. The Canadian government annually invests more than 10 billion dollars in arts and social services activities through the Arts Council of Canada. Learn about Canadian provinces and territories, capitals, official languages and the Canadian flag.

Canadians value free time which they use to carry out multiple recreational activities including sports, contact with nature and consumption of cultural assets (cinema, theater, musicals and artistic shows in general). Canadians enjoy art, which is no surprise when you consider the beautiful country that surrounds them. With public funding, the government ensures that culture and creativity are accessible to all Canadians. Relatively few Canadians frequently practice traditional religious practices such as daily prayer or weekly worship.

Most Canadians speak English as their native language but French is the main language in Quebec.