What are Canadians' Favorite Sports?

Ice hockey is considered to be one of Canada's most popular sports with 7 teams playing in NHL. Other popular sports include lacrosse, basketball, baseball, soccer and cricket.

What are Canadians' Favorite Sports?

Ice hockey is a year-round sport in Canada and is considered to be the most popular sport in the country. It has been named an official national sport and the Canadian ice hockey league, the “National Hockey League” (NHL), is established in both Canada and the United States. Canada has 7 teams currently playing in the NHL, namely Calgary, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Winnipeg. Sports in Canada consist of a wide variety of games.

The roots of organized sports in Canada date back to the 1770s, and culminated in the development and popularization of the main professional games of ice hockey, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, soccer and cricket. Canada's official national sports are ice hockey (official winter) and lacrosse (official summer). Golf, baseball, tennis, skiing, ringette, badminton, cricket, volleyball, cycling, swimming, bowling, rugby union, canoeing, horseback riding, squash and the study of martial arts are highly enjoyed both at youth and amateur levels. The Canadian Sports Hall of Fame recognizes the great achievements of Canadian sports, while an annual panel of journalists awards the Lou Marsh Trophy to the best athlete in Canada.

There are many other Sports Halls of Fame in Canada. In winter it is ice hockey while in summer lacrosse is the favorite sport. Perhaps most famously, ice hockey is a very popular sport in Canada and for many young Canadians it's the dream of being part of the NHL. However, unbeknownst to many cricket was Canada's original national sport before it was surpassed in popularity by ice hockey. Of course cricket being a sport that depends on good weather means that its popularity was always under threat. A look at the Olympic medals that Canada has won shows a picture of the country's most popular sports.

Canada tops the medal table in ice hockey, freestyle skiing and curling as well as a large collection of medals in speed skating snowboarding and bobsleigh. Soccer is also becoming increasingly popular with approximately 1 million Canadians playing soccer in more than 1 200 clubs. Since the NBA is one of the most watched sports leagues in the world a greater success in Toronto could push basketball up even higher in this ranking. Baseball is one of the oldest sports in North America which means it will always enjoy a decent level of popularity. In Canada 120 000 people play in minor leagues ensuring that baseball is played across the country and that the traditional sport is kept alive. Canada enjoys a great sporting pedigree as athletes proudly wear the maple leaf in a variety of global sports.

Without a doubt ice hockey is still the most popular sport in Canada and possibly always will be so. However there are a few promising sports worth keeping an eye on. Cricket is enjoying a boom while Canadian rugby and soccer are also widely enjoyed across the country. Lacrosse is also considered to be Canada's second national sport while Canada's unparalleled Olympic success in curling ensures that it will continue to be part of sports culture for generations to come. The Canadian Football Association's annual national championships also include competitions in the Under-18 Under-16 and Under-14 categories. More than 1.3 million Canadians are actively participating in recreational ice hockey games further increasing the popularity of this deeply culturally ingrained sport in Canada. Hockey Night in Canada is a long-running national television broadcast on Saturday nights featuring Canadian NHL teams. With its origin in rugby football in the early 1860s soccer has over time developed into Canadian football.

In May 1964 former president of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association and then current member of parliament Jack Roxburgh thoroughly investigated whether the Canadian parliament had ever declared a national game and specifically analyzed whether lacrosse had been officially declared. The best-known event is the Calgary Stampede which is normally held every year in July and the Canadian Finals Rodeo which is held annually in November. Since the National Hockey League which is one of golf and e-sports's favorite pastimes Canada has about a third of its population actively enthusiastic about professional sports. In “summer” sports Canadians participate in rugby soccer disc ultimate and athletics among most of the sports presented at the Summer Olympics. The great achievements of Canadian football are recognized by the Canadian Football Hall of Fame located at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton Ontario.

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